Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Cart Path

The unseasonable cold weather has prevented the masons from starting to work on the clubhouse turnaround as we had hoped.  In the mean time we have begun construction on a new cart path on #7.

Coming on the heels of a very popular cart path installation last year at the 5th tee, it was decided that a cart path accessing the forward tee on #7 would be a great addition. 

The new cart path will start near the 6th green and pass behind the rain shelter on it's way towards the forward tee.  It will then continue on through the woods and exit near the top of the hill.  The path will also be routed so that it passes close to the other teeing areas giving additional access to the tees from the left side.

The excavation has been going smoothly and we have made good progress.  We should be able to complete digging out the cart path this week and then next week start backfilling with crushed stone.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Clubhouse Construction

We recently have begun removing the Pennsylvania bluestone turnaround from in front of the clubhouse. 

Although beautiful, the bluestone is a layered natural stone which flakes apart easily with the freeze thaw action of our cold winters.  Deep holes had developed in the turnaround, creating an unsafe condition for people entering the clubhouse.  Rather than making expensive repairs to the bluestone, it was decided that a better long term solution would be to replace it with more durable concrete pavers.  The finished product will look very similar to what is currently there.  We are even reusing the round Huntsville logo in the center of the turnaround. 

Once the bluestone has been removed, the contractors will prepare the sub base and then lay the pavers.  The whole process should take about 7 to 10 days to complete.  Please be careful entering and exiting the clubhouse while this construction project is going on.